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Traditional Print Music - All About Drums


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All About Drums

Subtitle: A Fun and Simple Guide to Playing Drums
Medium: Softcover with CD
Format: Book/CD Pack
Series: Drum Instruction
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Width: 8.5in.
Length: 11in.

Product No: HL06620098
Publisher Product No: 6620098
Price: USD $19.95
Pages: 208

In Stock: Yes

Credits: by Rick Mattingly


Description for "All About Drums"
Have you struggled through tedious lessons and boring instruction books in your desire to learn to play the drumset? If you wish there was a fun and engaging way to motivate you in your drumset playing quest, then this is it: All About Drums is for you. Whether it's learning to read music, playing by ear, creating your own beats, or all of the above, this enjoyable guide will help you to finally start playing the beats and fills to your favorite songs in many different styles. Plus, learn interesting tid-bits on drumset makes & models, care and maintenance, additional percussion instruments, and other fun stuff about the drumset. This fun-filled, easy-to-use guide includes:

• An introduction to the drumset

• Step-by-step music reading instruction

• How to create your own beats, fills, & solos

• Background on various styles of music, including dozens of favorite songs

• Performing tips

• CD includes over 90 tracks for demo and play-along. You'll use over 40 favorite songs to learn concepts, including five full arrangements (Cissy Strut • Nice to Know You • No Reply at All • Walk This Way) and many more excerpts: Come Together • Detroit Rock City • Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover • Hurts So Good • Message in a Bottle • Oh, Pretty Woman • Pour Some Sugar on Me • Shattered • Smells like Teen Spirit • Swingtown • The Zephyr Song • and more.

Table of Contents

Matching Digital File Other Digital Files In Other Books
Authority Song    11  digital files 19 Items
Back Home    7  digital files 5 Items
Barracuda    12  digital files 43 Items
Blues Leave Me Alone    2  digital files 4 Items
Born to be My Baby    6  digital files 5 Items
Cissy Strut    14  digital files 27 Items
Cold Sweat, Pt. 1    8  digital files 15 Items
Come Together    64  digital files 168 Items
Detroit Rock City    12  digital files 39 Items
Don't Stand So Close to Me    16  digital files 17 Items
Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover    14  digital files 31 Items
Frame By Frame       1 Item
Funny Vibe       2 Items
Hurts So Good    20  digital files 33 Items
In the Dead of Night       1 Item
Jump    36  digital files 74 Items
Lowdown in the Street       1 Item
Message in a Bottle    17  digital files 41 Items
Minor Thing    3  digital files 5 Items
Mississippi Queen    12  digital files 39 Items
Nice to Know You    6  digital files 5 Items
No Reply at All    5  digital files 4 Items
Oh, Pretty Woman    45  digital files 111 Items
Peg    14  digital files 29 Items
Please Please Me    37  digital files 65 Items
Pour Some Sugar on Me    21  digital files 31 Items
Roxanne    28  digital files 44 Items
Shattered    6  digital files 13 Items
She's on Fire    1  digital file 1 Item
Silent Talking       1 Item
Smells Like Teen Spirit    57  digital files 141 Items
Smoke on the Water    50  digital files 166 Items
Song for America    2  digital files 4 Items
Soul Power    1  digital file 3 Items
Soul Vaccination    3  digital files 8 Items
Sweet Child O' Mine    25  digital files 79 Items
Swingtown    8  digital files 9 Items
Take Five    25  digital files 79 Items
The End    16  digital files 44 Items
The Thrill is Gone    21  digital files 59 Items
The Zephyr Song    6  digital files 7 Items
Third Degree    3  digital files 6 Items
Times Like These    11  digital files 17 Items
Walk This Way    30  digital files 98 Items
Watcher of the Skies    1  digital file 2 Items
Zero    2  digital files 9 Items