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There are 50 Licensed Sheet Music Digital Files For Maren Morris

There are 2 ensemble files available  


The Bones (arr. Mark Brymer)

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Product Number: 12460826
Series: Choral Instrumental Pak
Price: $20.00
Availability Worldwide
Genre: Country, Pop, Rock

Musicians: Jimmy Robbins, Laura Veltz, Maren Morris, Mark Brymer

Description: Country super star Maren Morris teamed up with Hozier to more clearly portray the romantic relationship between two lovers. The title, Bones is a metaphor for the emotional foundation of their relationship. The choral writing is solid and stylish and your students will love capturing the spirit of the lyrics in their performances.

The Middle (arr. Paul Murtha)

File Types:

Product Number: 12444490
Series: Concert Band
Price: $55.00
Availability Worldwide
Genre: Dance, Pop

Musicians: Anton Zaslavski, GREY, Jordan Johnson, Kyle Trewartha, Marcus Lomax, Maren Morris, Michael Trewartha, Paul Murtha, Sarah Aarons, Stefan Johnson, Zedd, Zedd, Maren Morris & Grey

Description: Featuring a catchy melody and distinctive harmonies, this 2018 hit from Zedd, Maren Morris and Grey was nominated for a number of GRAMMY awards including best song, and had demonstrated a rare quality of enduring popularity. Paul Murtha perfectly captures the flavor of this upbeat hit.



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