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There are 115 Licensed Sheet Music Digital Files For Secret Garden

There are 4 ensemble files available  


Raise Your Voices

File Types:

Product Number: 12027709
Series: Choral Instrumental Pak
Price: $55.00
Availability Worldwide
Genre: Concert, Sacred

Musicians: Brendan Graham, Roger Emerson, Rolf Lovland, Secret Garden

Description: From the same team that gave us You Raise Me Up, comes Raise Your Voices as recorded by Secret Garden on their EARTHSONGS album. The orchestration and female soloist give this anthem the authentic Celtic feel of the original recording. Perfect for any size ensemble, church or sacred school settings. Instrumental ePak includes score and parts for Flute, F Horn, Bb Trumpet 1, 2, Trombone, Timpani, Cymbals, Violin 1, 2, Viola, Cello and String Bass. Performance Time: Approx. 4:00

Sleepsong (arr. Michael Sweeney)

File Types:

Product Number: 12434723
Series: Concert Band
Price: $65.00
Availability Worldwide
Genre: Ballad, Classical, Concert

Musicians: Brendan Graham, Michael Sweeney, Rolf Lovland, Secret Garden

Description: From the composers of You Raise Me Up, this tender ballad is filled with a range of emotions in the form of a lullaby from a parent to a grown child embarking on a life all their own. Michael Sweeney retains the soothing beauty of the original melody while exploring a rich variety of textures and moods, giving full expression to the feelings that inspired the lyric. Dur: 4:20

You Raise Me Up

File Types:

Product Number: 12157107
Series: Jazz Ensemble
Price: $40.00
Availability Worldwide
Genre: Inspirational, Pop

Musicians: Brendan Graham, John Berry, Josh Groban, Rolf Lovland, Secret Garden

Description: Most famously recorded by Josh Groban, here is a nicely scored version for beginning jazz groups that allows each section a chance to play the melody at some point. The arrangement builds to a modulation followed by a powerful statement from the full ensemble. A marvelous change of pace number for any group.

You Raise Me Up

File Types:

Product Number: 12382900
Series: String Quartet
Price: $12.95
Availability Worldwide
Genre: Christian, Pop

Musicians: Brendan Graham, Josh Groban, Larry Moore, Rolf Løvland, Rolf Lovland, Secret Garden

Description: Josh Groban's powerful performance at the 2004 Super Bowl made this one of the most memorable songs of the year. Larry Moore has captured the dramatic music with this arrangment for string quartet. Dur: 3:25



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