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There are 271 Licensed Sheet Music Digital Files For Benny Goodman

There are 4 ensemble files available  


I Found a New Baby

File Types:

Product Number: 12342261
Series: Jazz Ensemble
Price: $40.00
Availability Worldwide
Genre: Jazz, Standards

Musicians: Benny Goodman, Jack Palmer, Mark Taylor, Spencer Williams, Ted Lewis and his band

Description: Creatively set in the style of New Orleans street beat, here is a new take on an old favorite. A perfect example of an early jazz tune that stands the test of time, this one is sure to add an element of fun to any concert.

I Thought About You (Key: B-flat)

File Types:

Product Number: 12296470
Series: Jazz Ensemble
Price: $50.00
Availability Check Availability
Genre: Jazz, Pop, Standards

Musicians: Benny Goodman, Jimmy Van Heusen, Johnny Mercer, Mark Taylor

Description: This tuneful ballad from 1939 has remained popular through the years and is a particular favorite among jazz musicians. Beautifully set for vocalist and jazz ensemble in a medium swing style, Mark Taylor places just the right background lines in just the right places.

I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm

File Types:

Product Number: 12345027
Series: Choral Instrumental Pak
Price: $20.00
Availability Worldwide
Genre: Love, Winter

Musicians: Benny Goodman, Greg Jasperse, Irving Berlin

Description: Irving Berlin's classic is presented here in a gentle, sweet groove with simple jazz vocals and soft rhythm. Beginning with an easy vocal riff, the familiar melody is accompanied by refreshed chords that lightly surprise and offer a new interpretation to this romantic, winter song.

Sing, Sing, Sing

File Types:

Product Number: 12294027
Series: Choral Instrumental Pak
Price: $25.00
Availability Worldwide
Genre: Concert, Jazz, Oldies, Standards
Instruments: Choral

Musicians: Benny Goodman, Louis Prima, Mark Brymer

Description: Here is the great tune from the big band era in a contemporary vocal jazz setting. Hot rhythm and horns back up the vocals for a pop/jazz/show choir selection extraordinaire!



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