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How To Transpose Scorch Files Into a Different Key

At Sheet Music Digital, you can transpose all of our Scorch titles up or down into any key! There are 2 main advantages in being able to transpose. First, if you are singing along, you can move the music up or down to fit a range that is comfortable for your voice! Second, if a key signature is too difficult, you can transpose it to an easier key! In our example below, we are going to show you how to transpose a song that is in a difficult key signature, to a much easier key signature with the click of your mouse.

We have also designed a free transposing chart  to help you with transposing using the Scorch plug-in. It is very simple to use. You can print this chart as a PDF file here and use it as a reference for transposing.

To transpose the sheet music click on the transpose button right above the music.

When the transpose box opens up, select the `down`` option and choose `5 half steps down`.
When you click on the OK - the score will immediately be rewritten into the key of C. (no sharps or flats)
When you print the song again, it will print in the new key!

You can try transposing using the free sample below.
If you not see the sheet music below, you just need to install the free Scorch plug-in first!

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