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Traditional Print Music - Thelonious Monk Fake Book


This item is available for delivery to your home,
school or business in the US and Canada by mail
and is not a digital download.
Thelonious Monk Fake Book

Subtitle: B-flat Edition
Medium: Book
Format: B-flat Edition
Series: Artist Books
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Width: 9in.
Length: 12in.

Product No: HL00672496
Publisher Product No: 672496
Price: $22.50us
Member Price: $19.13us

Pages: 96
Thelonious Monk (Artist)


Description for "Thelonious Monk Fake Book"
The music of Thelonious Monk is among the most requested of any jazz composer, but accurate lead sheets and sources have never been widely available – until now. This folio has 70 of the master composer/pianist's most familiar pieces, as well as a number of obscure and unrecorded tunes, in easy-to-read versions. Includes counterlines and ensemble parts for many pieces, as well as bass-lines and piano voicings where applicable. Also includes a biography, a glossary, and a definitive discography of the compositions in the book. Titles include: Ask Me Now • Bemsha Swing • Blue Monk • Blue Sphere • Boo Boo's Birthday • Bright Mississippi • Brilliant Corners • Bye-Ya • Crepuscule With Nellie • Criss Cross • 52nd Street Theme • Functional • Gallop's Gallop • Hackensack • I Mean You • In Walked Bud • Jackie-ing • Let's Cool One • Little Rootie Tootie • Misterioso • Monk's Mood • Nutty • Off Minor • Pannonica • Played Twice • Rhythm-a-ning • 'Round Midnight • Ruby, My Dear • Straight No Chaser • Thelonious • Well You Needn't • and 39 more.


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52Nd Street Theme    1  digital file 11 Items
A Merrier Christmas       3 Items
Ask Me Now       12 Items
Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues-Are (Bolivar Blues)       11 Items
Bemsha Swing       8 Items
Blue Hawk       3 Items
Blue Monk    1  digital file 27 Items
Blue Sphere       3 Items
Blues Five Spot (Five Spot Blues)       3 Items
Boo Boo's Birthday       5 Items
Brake's Sake       4 Items
Bright Mississippi       4 Items
Brilliant Corners       10 Items
Bye-Ya       5 Items
Children's Song       4 Items
Coming on the Hudson       4 Items
Crepuscule with Nellie       3 Items
Criss Cross       11 Items
Epistrophy    7  digital files 30 Items
Eronel       4 Items
Evidence       7 Items
Four in One       3 Items
Friday the 13Th       3 Items
Functional       3 Items
Gallop's Gallop       3 Items
Green Chimneys       4 Items
Hackensack       11 Items
Hornin' In       3 Items
Humph       3 Items
I Mean You    8  digital files 31 Items
In Walked Bud    5  digital files 31 Items
Introspection       4 Items
Jackie-Ing       5 Items
Let's Call This       4 Items
Let's Cool One       11 Items
Light Blue       4 Items
Little Rootie Tootie       11 Items
Locomotive       9 Items
Misterioso       5 Items
Monk's Dream       7 Items
Monk's Mood    3  digital files 12 Items
Monk's Point       4 Items
North of the Sunset       4 Items
Nutty       6 Items
Off Minor    1  digital file 16 Items
Oska T       3 Items
Pannonica       12 Items
Played Twice       4 Items
Raise Four       3 Items
Reflections    3  digital files 43 Items
Rhythm-A-Ning       11 Items
Ruby, My Dear    6  digital files 31 Items
San Francisco Holiday (Worry Later)       4 Items
Shuffle Boil       4 Items
Sixteen       5 Items
Skippy       3 Items
Something in Blue       3 Items
Straight No Chaser       38 Items
Stuffy Turkey       3 Items
Teo       3 Items
Thelonious       4 Items
Think of One       5 Items
Trinkle-Tinkle       4 Items
Two Timer       14 Items
Ugly Beauty       6 Items
We See       5 Items
Well You Needn't (It's Over Now)    8  digital files 34 Items
Who Knows    6  digital files 14 Items
Work    4  digital files 6 Items